Johnny Cache

Johnny Cache is a caching framework for django applications. It works with the django caching abstraction, but was developed specifically with the use of memcached in mind. Its main feature is a patch on Django’s ORM that automatically caches all reads in a consistent manner.

You can install johnny with pip:

pip install johnny-cache

You can fork johnny-cache from its hg repository:

hg clone

Please use bitbucket’s issue tracker to report bugs. Contact the authors at @jmoiron and @finder83.


A typical file configured for johnny-cache:

# add johnny to installed apps
    # ...
# add johnny's middleware
    # ...
# some johnny settings
CACHE_BACKEND = 'johnny.backends.memcached://...'

Django doesn’t actually require libraries to be ‘installed’, and since Johnny doesn’t define any views, urls, or models, the first step isn’t a requirement, but we like to make it clear what we’re using and where on the PYTHONPATH it might be.

The MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES setting enables two middlewares: the outer one clears a thread-local dict-like cache located at johnny.cache.local at the end of every request, and should really be the outer most middleware in your stack. The second one enables the main feature of Johnny: the queryset cache.

The custom backend setting enables a thin wrapper around Django’s memcached (or locmem) cache class that allows cache times of “0”, which memcached interprets as “forever” and locmem is patched to see as forever.

Finally, the project’s name is worked into the Johnny key prefix so that if other projects are run using the same cache pool, Johnny won’t confuse the cache for one project with the cache for another.

With these settings, all of your ORM queries are now cached. You should read the queryset cache documentation closely to see if you are doing anything that might require manual invalidation.

New in this version

  • blacklist support (MAN_IN_BLACKLIST)
  • fix to allow unicode table & column names
  • fix bulk updates to correctly invalidate cache

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